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Staffing Industry Leader NEXTAFF continues strong numbers, during pandemic

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The global pandemic of 2020 was devastating to many industries and private businesses, however NEXTAFF, a staffing franchise company, was a clear outlier.

NEXTAFF has reported exceptionally strong numbers in its 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document:

- Average Gross Sales per Unit: $1,957,832
- Average Gross Profit per Unit: $464,642

"The strong numbers are a result of our commercial franchise owners pivoting to essential services and our health care offices seeing record demand for staffing services," says Cary Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO. "As employers continue to adjust through this shift from 9-5 to flexible hours and remote work, staffing franchise companies like NEXTAFF will continue to play a vital role in the economy's bounce back in 2021 and beyond."

NEXTAFF operates in 3 main verticals: commercial, information technology and healthcare, which all had pressing and urgent staffing needs in 2020 and now more so in 2021.

Currently, staffing companies place 16 million employees per year! As workers shift from a nine-to-five, permanent workforce to a flexible, on-demand workforce, there has been massive growth within this industry. The days of long-term, salaried, full-time jobs are over for a growing number of Americans – and temporary and contract work is here to stay. An often-cited Intuit report predicts that contingent workers (such as freelancers, temporary employees, contract workers, or consultants) will make up an astounding 40% of the workforce in the near future.

"We have Staffing Franchise Owners that due to the pressing needs for vital staffing are generating 7 and now 8 figures in annual revenue," says Daniel.

NEXTAFF helps companies recruit, screen and hire quality talent through our proprietary X-FACTOR™ model. Our comprehensive approach is designed to considerably outperform a traditional temp agency supplier model. Each NEXTAFF office is locally owned and operated, which allows our clients to work directly with owners in finding quality employees. NEXTAFF offers a variety of custom solutions in commercial, information technology and healthcare industries.

For more information about NEXTAFF's services, visit https://www.nextaff.com/. Those interested in franchise opportunities can visit https://www.nextaff-franchise.com/.

SOURCE Nextaff